Teacher Tips

//As of 2014, we have retired the “Teacher Tips” graphics series. However, you are still welcome to use these graphics.//

You are free to use these graphics in any manner (even commercially) as long as they include the credit and are not altered. You may also want to check out our Trans Facts and Infographics pages! Click on the graphic to view full size, related references, links, and discussions.

Teacher Tip: On the first day of school, have students introduce themselves with the name they would like to be called instead of reading off a roster. This gives trans youth (and anyone else who doesn't like their legal name) a chance to share the name they are most comfortable with.

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Teacher Tip: Don’t separate your class by gender or sex, it can make trans students very uncomfortable and it completely writes off individuals that do not identify in the gender binary. You can’t tell how someone identifies from how they look, and their experiences could differ wildly from your own.

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